January 3, 2018

MD Candidate Hopes to Trend “Low-Carb” Campaign – Digital Canvassing, Modernization

Helga Luest with 2x2 enviro-friendly business card - half the carbon footprint

Rockville, MD (January 3, 2018) – Maryland Delegate Candidate Helga Luest announced today that she plans to run a modern, personable, and sustainable campaign. After considering the traditional approaches, she announced today her commitment to an environmentally-friendly approach to campaigning. At the core of Luest’s decision is her intention to lead this campaign in a way that matches how she, …

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December 6, 2017

The Environmental Footprint of a Load of Laundry

Clothes Line

by Helga Luest – Originally published in HuffPost Before you throw it into the wash or the trash, there is a lot to consider about the environmental impact of what you do with your clothing. Seriously. Microparticles and Emissions Just look at the lint catcher in your dryer after one load – all of that fabric cast off from your …

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