Helga Luest with 2x2 enviro-friendly business card - half the carbon footprint

Rockville, MD (January 3, 2018) – Maryland Delegate Candidate Helga Luest announced today that she plans to run a modern, personable, and sustainable campaign. After considering the traditional approaches, she announced today her commitment to an environmentally-friendly approach to campaigning. At the core of Luest’s decision is her intention to lead this campaign in a way that matches how she, as a potential delegate, feels about the environment and community, from an accountable and authentic perspective.

Minimalize the Campaign Carbon Footprint – Luest plans a digital campaign to be at the core of her outreach, encouraging people to connect with her and learn more online. Emissions sources – transportation, volunteer travel, direct mail, postage and events, yard signs, leave-behind fliers – all have a huge environmental impact. With Montgomery County, MD expected to have ~70 people on the ballot just for the primary, the environmental impact could be staggering. Luest’s modernization of her campaign will use technology to gain and maintain visibility, while lessening the environmental impact. Every outreach is evaluated from this consideration – even her business cards are smaller (2”x2”), using only half the paper of traditional cards. Luest said, “Taking a ‘low-carb,’ minimalist approach still gives people the online and social media information they need to learn more – and, more importantly, I’m taking the stand that I want my campaign to be environmentally sustainable. We have smart digital ways to share information without leaving a footprint, and I will explore and use those tactics over printing and mailing.”

Put People First and Meet them with Convenience – While canvassing at people’s homes has been the bread and butter of campaigning, candidates arrive unexpected and unannounced and this can sometimes be unwelcomed and disruptive. Luest’s plan is to organize in-home, community, and online and phone discussions so that people can ask questions and hear concerns of their neighbors and join in the dialog. Facebook Live and hosting Twitter chats with district voters will also be used. “I will use a variety of ways to connect with constituents to schedule online chats and phone or video calls with them. I value time to speak face-to-face with people to hear about their concerns and interests and we’re exploring many ways to make conversation convenient, meaningful, accessible, and safe.”

Joining the Trend – Luest hopes that making this campaign commitment will interest other candidates to think about and joining a trend that has hit so many other industries including news, fashion, building, and others. “If I am fortunate enough to be charged with making policy decisions about the environment, I need to consider how I am earning the right to do so and ensure that my campaign mirrors my policy positions as much as possible,” said Luest.

To learn more about Helga Luest visit www.VoteHelga.com.