Former Congressman Ron Barber (D-AZ)

“I am delighted you are running and to give you my endorsement. You are a force for positive change and your trauma informed perspective will serve your district and people in Maryland well. Smart, strategic, and compassionate leadership is what our nation needs.”

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NPCM Endorsement 100% Pro-Choice Rating


Letter from Barack Obama

Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI)

“Anyone who is able to take their personal tragedy and turn it into an inspiration for others and use it to move awareness forward like she has is certainly beyond being admirable – its worthy of great tribute and I honor her for her work… In fact, her response should inspire the rest of us to pay enormous tribute to her and her own courage and resilience because it helps of their families of victims to look at what’s happened to them and see that there is hope and that this is something that they should not fall victim to twice – once as a victim of crime but twice as a victim of emotional, psychological scars that people receive as victims of crime.”


U.S. Congressional Unsung Hero Award

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